IPA Program

The IPA Program gives you the tools and skills you need to become a qualified accountant, and enables you to progress to full Member (MIPA) status.

In partnership with the University of New England, we deliver the IPA Program by online learning in an extremely supportive and collaborative environment, allowing you to balance your personal and work commitments, letting you learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Unlike other accounting associations, our subjects are tailored to your career path, letting you choose subjects which are most relevant to you.

The IPA Program not only provides you with a full postgraduate degree, it also awards you with RG 146 compliance, allowing you to become licensed to provide financial advice to your clients.  In addition, the IPA Program also qualifies you to apply for Tax Agent Registration through the Tax Practitioner Board.

The IPA Program is delivered over three teaching periods (trimesters) per year.

The IPA Program consists of two components:

  1. Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting (GCPA)
  2. Master of Commerce (Public Accounting) (MCPA)
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 Expand and update your knowledge

Studying at the postgraduate level ensures you're continually improving your knowledge and expanding your expertise. The IPA Program exposes you to new concepts and ideas, improving your ability to critically analyse information, and provide a broad business perspective, preparing you for future job challenges. The content on the IPA Program is highly relevant to the current business issues facing companies and accounting professionals in today's economy.

Advance your career

The IPA Program broadens your skills and provides the credentials necessary to take the next step in your career. Completion of the IPA program demonstrates to employers you have the ability to think at a highly strategic level and are committed to ongoing professional development.

The knowledge and confidence you gain from the IPA Program enhances your working capacity and your marketability in the workforce.

Gain recognition

Completing as little as four units of the IPA Program allows you to advance to full Member level (MIPA). Members who achieve MIPA status are eligible to apply to practice as a Public Practice Certificate holder.

The IPA's Public Practitioner package provides you with a range of services to help you support your clients. To be eligible, you will need to provide evidence of successful completion of studies in Australian Corporation Law and Australian Taxation Law, which can be undertaken as part of the IPA Program. The package contains a number of enhanced discounts and special offerings for members, as well as giving you the opportunity to feature your business on our 'Find an Accountant' search facility on our homepage. 

Cost and Application Dates

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