Eligibility & Pathways

You must be a current financial member of the IPA at the Associate (AIPA) level or higher. Student members are not eligible to enrol in the IPA Program.

Holders of an overseas degree or other award will need to meet UNE's English language requirements.


Entry for TAFE Students with an Advanced Diploma in Accounting

The IPA Program, which comprises of 12 units, provides a unique pathway for members with a TAFE Advanced Diploma in Accounting (or equivalent).

Studying the below units will award you - 

  • Graduate Certificate of Public Accounting (2 core + 2 electives)

Once you have completed the above 4 units and achieved your GCPA, studying a further 8 units (which comprises of required core and elective units) will award you -

  • Master of Commerce (Public Accounting)

Completion of the 12 Units and completion of the IPA Mentored Experience Program will qualify you to advance to full (MIPA) membership.

However, if you wish to fast-track to MIPA status, you simply need to complete at least 8 units of the IPA Program, and the Mentored Experience Program.

Please note:It is a UNE requirement that TAFE Graduates have a minimum of two years relevant work experience prior to commencing the IPA Program.


Entry for University Graduates with a Degree in Accounting

If you have an approved university degree in accounting, you need only complete four units and the IPA Mentored Experience Program to progress to Member (MIPA) level.

On completion of the four units (2 core + 2 electives) you will be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting from UNE.  

If you wish to study further towards the Master of Commerce (Public Accounting) you must complete a further 3 core and 5 electives.

To view the pathway to completion of the IPA Program, please view our brochure.

Please Note: Subjects may be changed or modified at any time and some rules apply to subject sequence. Not all subjects are offered in all trimesters.