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The IPA is dedicated to helping graduates from both University and TAFE.

But not everyone enters the IPA as a student - you can join at any stage of your career.

Experienced Accountants are very welcome to join the IPA. We can provide you with new ways to enhance your career prospects and you'll have the potential to reap greater financial rewards.


Associate Institute of Public Accountants (AIPA) is the Institute's entry level of membership. The entry requirements are Advanced Diploma of Accounting* OR a University Degree in Accounting (or major). No work experience is necessary to enter at this level - it's perfect for someone who is starting their accounting career.


Member Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA) is a level higher than the AIPA designation. On top of your accounting qualification, you'll also need to complete either Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the IPA Program, depending on your Accounting qualification. Please refer to the diagram below to determine which stage of the IPA Program you would need to complete.


Fellow Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA) is for experienced accountants. In order to become a FIPA, you need to be a current IPA member with at least seven years as a MIPA. In addition to this, you need at least ten years accounting experience, with five of those years at a senior level.


We recognise that professionalism and legal compliance are now integral parts of the BAS Agent services industry, therefore we have developed a specifically tailored practice certificate - Public BAS Practitioner.

To qualify as a Public BAS Practitioner, you need to have BAS Agent registration (if you are only providing BAS services). In addition, you must have Professional Indemnity Insurance and completed the Public BAS Practitioner Program.


If you are an accountant offering their your accounting services to the public, you require a Public Practice Certificate, the IPAs My Public Accountant (MPA) designation.

To qualify as a MPA, you need to hold IPA membership at a MIPA / FIPA level or you can be an AIPA with with a Tax Agent Registraion and completion of the Mentored Experience Program. In addition, you must have Professional Indemnity Insurance and completed the My Public Accountant Program (MPA Program).


The fees for each membership level can be viewed here.

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If you have any questions on the above membership levels, please call your divisional office on 1800 625 625.


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