IPA Program

Jointly designed by the IPA and the University of New England, the IPA Program is the only accounting body program that provides you with a globally recognised postgraduate qualification, allowing you to meet the educational requirements needed to advance your IPA membership.

The IPA Program broadens your skills and enables you to take the next step in your career. Completion of the IPA program demonstrates to employers you have the ability to operate at a highly strategic management level and are committed to ongoing professional development.  The knowledge and confidence you gain from the IPA Program also enhances your marketability and value to employers.

Studying at the postgraduate level ensures you're continually enhancing your knowledge and expanding your expertise. The IPA Program exposes you to new concepts and ideas, improving your ability to critically analyse information, and provide a broad business perspective to your clients. The content on the IPA Program is highly relevant to the current business issues facing companies and accounting professionals in today's economy.

The IPA Program is conducted online. With no classes to attend, you can study at your own pace. The course content is updated regularly and reflects the latest developments in global commerce. The completion of appropriate electives in the IPA Program also contributes to qualification requirements for your registration as a tax agent, company auditor and financial planner.

Program structure
The IPA Program is delivered over three teaching periods per year, and consists of three components:

  1. Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting
  2. Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting
  3. Master of Commerce (Public Accounting) 

Cost and Application Dates

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