Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

The Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning is the step up you need to show employers or clients that you’re committed to delivering high-level, quality advice as a value add to your general accounting practice. The Advanced Diploma covers new areas of advice, building on the knowledge gained during the Diploma-level qualification. It’s ideal for candidates who want to be prepared for the real world of financial advice, or alternatively, for the rigours of studying at university level.

The IPA is pleased to recommend Monarch Institute as our training provider of choice for the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. Monarch was founded by financial advice veterans who wanted to change the way that accredited training prepared graduates for real-world challenges. Since founding, Monarch has trained thousands of financial advice, accounting and bookkeeping professionals. They’re now serving small business clients just like yours all over Australia, in sole practice and big-name firms alike. So you know you’ll be in good company as a Monarch graduate.

What about the new financial planning education requirements?

You may have heard about the new education requirements that the government is introducing for professional financial advisers. From January 2019, the government’s Financial Advice Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) will require new advisers entering the industry to have a minimum bachelor-level qualification.

Once you complete your Advanced Diploma, you can get work in the financial services industry, or continue on to university-level study. NB: by January 2024, all advisers will be required to hold a minimum bachelor-level qualification. For Monarch graduates, there are advanced standing pathway options available. This means that if you’ve got an Advanced Diploma, it’ll take you less time to earn the bachelor or postgraduate-level qualification you need to meet FASEA requirements. For more information, you can chat to a course consultant.

What you’ll cover in the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

The Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning is comprised of 15 nationally recognised units of competency. These units are grouped in to four modules. This means you study and apply related ideas and principles at the same time, giving you a holistic overview of each topic. The modules and units are:

Module 1 - Advanced investments

  • Advise clients on financial risk (FNSFMK503)
  • Analyse financial market products for clients (FNSFMK502)
  • Conduct complex financial planning research (FNSFPL508)
  • Conduct product research to support recommendations (FNSINC501)
  • Determine client requirements and expectations (FNSCUS505)
  • Determine client requirements and expectations for clients with complex needs FNSFPL602)
  • Provide advice in margin lending (FNSASICR503)
  • Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients (FNSIAD501)
  • Record and implement client instructions (FNSCUS506)

Module 2 - Estate planning

  • Develop complex and innovative financial planning strategies (FNSFPL604)
  • Present and negotiate complex and innovative financial plans (FNSFPL605)

Module 3 - Social security and taxation planning

  • Provide technical and professional guidance (FNSFPL601)

Module 4 - Practice management

  • Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform with legislation and
  • Regulations (FNSPRM601)
  • Implement complex and innovative financial plans (FNSFPL606)
  • Provide comprehensive monitoring and ongoing service (FNSFPL603)

Getting started

There are no term dates or enrolment deadlines. With Monarch Institute, you can start your studies when it suits you.

The first step is chatting to a course consultant about your study options and needs. Call 1300 738 955 now to get started.

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