General Information

Monday 10 June – Saturday 15 June 2019.
Welcome dinner will be held on Tuesday 11 June and a Farewell Dinner will conclude the Delegation on Friday 14 June night.

CPD hours: 24 hours

Regent Beijing
99 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District,
Beijing 100005, China
Telephone: + 86 10 8522 1888


Delegates to Cover:
Delegates are required to organise and pay for their visas, flights, insurance, meals and activities not indicated in the program.

Delegates are required to organise their flights and provide flight details to the IPA for airport pick up and delegation arrangements.

Delegates are required to organise their travel insurance and must provide a policy number to the IPA.

Flight Centre Contact / Bookings
After receiving confirmation of registration, delegates can organise their flights through Flight Centre if there is a need:
Nicolas Dixon
Flight Centre Travel Manager
T: (03) 9049 9300;

For more information or to register, please email

Dress code:

Monday, 10 June Neat Casual with Comfortable Footwear
Tuesday, 11 June Neat Casual with Comfortable Footwear
Wednesday, 12 June Business Attire
Thursday, 13 June Business Attire
Friday 14, June Business Attire
Saturday, 15 June Neat Casual with Comfortable Footwear

Presentation notes:
Presentation hardcopy notes will be provided. IPA will provide a note pad and pen to accommodate taking notes during the presentations. A back pack will be provided to each delegate.

Code of conduct:
An Acceptance Document will be signed by delegate during registration process. Delegates participating in IPA organised events are required to uphold behavioural standards that reflect the good standing of IPA. Any practice resulting in complaints, who in the opinion of IPA interferes with the rights of others, may be prohibited from the event by the IPA.