Managing Employee Expenses - Recording

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Managing Employee Expenses - Recording

Paul Mather provides a detailed analysis of how to manage Employee Expenses, including Entertainment, and understand the FBT, GST and Income Tax implications.

This session will provide a detailed explanation of the key tax issues associated with managing employee expenses and entertainment. Coverage will include how to manage tax costs through better systems and processes, and how to simplify the accounts structure and how to implement sustainable rules.


  • Food & Drink
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Travel Expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Valuation: 50/50 method v Actual method
  • Gifts
  • Minor benefits exemption
  • On premises exemption
  • Policy development
  • Chart of Accounts structure
  • The application of the FBT, GST and Income Tax rules
  • Common errors and dispelling the many myths associated with employee expenses

On completion of this webinar attendees will have:

  • A strategy for reporting Employee Expenses & Entertainment for FBT purposes
  • A clear understanding of the tax and accounting rules governing employee expenses
  • The ability to distinguish between when food & drink (including alcohol) constitutes sustenance and when it constitutes entertainment
  • The application of the FBT, GST and Income Tax rules
  • Developing a chart of accounts structure to streamline your employee expense process
  • Implementing an employee expense policy
  • An understanding of best practice process

"Paul was extremely knowledgeable & well spoken. Would listen to another of his presentations."

This webinar is suited to those in practice or corporate roles, from beginners to advanced.

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Managing Employee Expenses - Recording

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