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The IPA’s National Tax Roadshow is back for 2020!

Authored by Jo-Anne Hotston and TaxBytes

Created for IPA practitioners who service individuals and SME’s the 2020 Tax Agent Guide provides the most up to date, practical and relevant knowledge to ensure you provide the best possible advice for your clients this tax season.

Why Attend:

Each seminar encompasses all the changes and developments (including ATO targets and ruling changes) that affect the preparation of the 2020 tax returns and provides the opportunity to listen to experts in the Australian Tax Field providing technical updates and analysis into the latest developments and challenges.

Key Learning Objectives & Topics:

  • Major changes and developments including the ATO’s audit targets.
  • Cover key topics including Net Rental Property Loss, Net Medical Expenses Offset and Residency of Individuals.
  • Receive case studies exploring topics including, Residency, Superannuation Income Stream, Lumpsums, Home Office Expenses and Rental Property.
  • Delivers detailed tax advice and discussions on topics including compliance management and planning and strategy components and how to implement those.
  • Provides insight on recent cases and highlighting the challenges and recent decisions
  • Dealing with the new rules and how it affects your clients.
  • Receive newly released ATO Individual and Business Tax Returns, forms, checklists and case studies including new disclosures on I-Return Forms.

Who should attend?

The seminar is designed for practitioners and their staff who have responsibility for preparing/reviewing individual and business (partnership, company, trust) tax returns for the 2020 year.

What can I expect from an Online TAG webinar?

Even though we are going virtual don’t worry - you won’t miss out on any of the benefits of a face to face event! Here’s what you can expect.

Highly interactive learning - Designed to give you the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences you would normally receive, including case study's and scenario based discussions through Q&A options and easy to use digital resources including the digital TAG manual.

Flexible Learning: The delivery of TAG over multiple sessions has been designed to giving you the time to digest the content and reflect on technical content.

Recordings are also available at the conclusion of the webinar allowing you to re watch in your own time.

CPD Hours:

Structured: 5 Unstructured: 2 (To learn more about your CPD requirments please refer to prounouncement 7

Easy to use digital resources: Walk away with a suite of resources and materials including the digital TAG manual.

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