Program Structure

The full IPA Program is made up of three academic award stages, which when completed, will award you a Postgraduate Master of Commerce (Public Accounting) Degree from the University of New England.

Each academic stage, made up of four units, includes core subjects which much be studied, with you choosing the remainder from a wide list of electives, allowing you to tailor your studies in areas that interest you.

Completing the first four subjects awards you the Graduate Certificate.  By studying a further four units, you will be awarded the Graduate Diploma.  Completing the final four units will award you the full postgraduate Master of Commerce.

The table below sets out each academic stage, including the core subjects that must be studied.

Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting

MM403   Strategic Planning and Management

MM467   Professional Ethics

Elective subject

Elective subject

Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting

AFM564   Issues in Auditing and Professional Practice

AFM524   Entrepreneurship

Elective subject 

Elective subject

Master of Commerce (Public Accounting)

AFM501   Accounting Theory and Research

Elective subject

Elective subject

Elective subject

Trimester duration

There are three 15-week trimesters commencing in February, June and October. Not all subjects are offered in each trimester. Most subjects are offered once per year.

Subject Choices and Availability

Trimester 1 - February

Trimester 2 - June

Trimester 3 - October

Unit Code

Unit Title



Law of Commercial Associations

GSB748 or LSSU451 Legal Studies


Advanced Tax Law

LSSU592 Taxation Law

Candidates with an overseas qualification may be required to undertake English language test. Please contact us for further information on