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The launch of our IPA Mentor Program

This program will initially be aligned to our student scholarship and will be managed through an innovative software solution called Mentorloop. 

The mentor program has been designed to enhance our student offering; to establish a connection between our student members and our members in practice, who we know have years of experience and so much to teach.

Our mentoring program provides you the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and get you ready for your future career.

The benefits of joining the program include:

315 IPA Mentorprogramicons Handshake Connect, network and socialise with other accounting professionals and learn from their experiences.
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Gain practical advice, encouragement and support.

 315 IPA Mentorprogramicons Career20growth Develop strategies in relation to dealing with personal and academic issues.
 315 IPA Mentorprogramicons Speechbubble Build your communication and networking skills.
 315 IPA Mentorprogramicons Iiiiiiiiiii Gain valuable insight that will assist you with the next stage of your career.

How Does it Work?

To facilitate the mentoring program, we have partnered with Mentorloop – a cloud-based mentoring platform that allows you to conduct your entire mentoring relationship online, including:

  • setting up your profile;
  • matching with your peer;
  • live chat;
  • setting tasks, events, and goals;
  • as well as online support.


Want to Learn More?

Find out more about how the Mentorloop platform works

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Start your Mentoring Journey 

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