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The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) is one of Australia's oldest representative professional bodies, formed over eighty-five years ago.

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  • 1923 - Institute of Factory and Cost Accountants, formed in Melbourne, Australia.
  • 1950 - Institute of Taxation and Cost Accountants, name change.
  • 1957 - National Institute of Accountants, name change.
  • 1967 - Institute of Commercial Studies, name change.
  • 1970 - Institute of Affiliate Accountants, name change.
  • 1988 - National Institute of Accountants, adoption of the precedent name.
  • 2011 - Institute of Public Accountants, name change.

The IPA manages its affairs through the Board of Directors, comprising elected representatives from each Division.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, a national committee structure deals with all issues relevant to the profession, including education, ethics and disciplinary matters, investments, accounting standards and auditing standards, continuing professional education, public relations, professional practice and by Divisional Councils.

The IPA's role is to ensure the needs and requirements of the members, the profession and the business community are maintained and protected. The framework of the IPA serves to protect and support these interests and to ensure the members gain appropriate recognition on a professional basis.

The Corporate Profile provides an overview of the IPA and the programs in place to ensure the needs and requirements of members and the business community are maintained.