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In 2016, we conducted extensive market and member research which told us that we need to lift our market presence, share more insights into our advocacy work and better align our brand with small business.

The IPA has long been an advocate of small business. Our purpose for being is to improve the quality of life for small business.  This of course is a natural fit with more than 75% of our members servicing small business or being small businesses in their own right.

Our brand aligns with our vision and core focus on small business and we are: Making small business count.

What does the new logo signify?

The creative design of the logo is built on what we refer to as the power of three and gives us much flexibility in our marketing approach as it relates to the collective of our members, their small business clients and our business. Equally, it refers the three main regions we operate in - Australia, Asia and the UK. 

More information on our brand

For more information on the brand and how it affects you, read our FAQs.