Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

If you're an accountant looking to try something new, now's the perfect time to jump into finance and mortgage broking. Our Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management is like a treasure trove of skills – from the technical know-how to the people skills – that'll supercharge your game as a broker.

It also exceeds the education requirement to obtain an Australian Credit License (ACL) or to be appointed as an authorised representatives of an existing ACL holder.

The Institute of Public Accountants recommends Monarch Institute’s Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Monarch is our training provider of choice because their courses are developed and delivered by industry experts, including senior practicing brokers and advisers.

What does the course cover?

The Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management is made up of 15 nationally recognised units of competency.

Your units will be grouped in to modules, so you’re studying and applying related concepts at the same time. Each module has an assignment made up of small, manageable assessment questions. There are no exams, so the pressure’s off and you can concentrate on learning at your own pace.

The modules and units are:

Module 1

Operating a Finance Business

  • FNSINC411 Conduct work according to professional practices in the financial services industry
  • FNSCUS511 Develop and maintain professional relationships in financial services industry

Module 2

Finance Regulation and Licensing

  • FNSFMK515 Comply with financial services regulation and industry codes of practice

Module 3

Financial Products and Client Needs

  • FNSINC412 Apply and maintain knowledge of financial products and services
  • FNSFMB412 Identify client needs and present broking options

Module 4

The Financial Process

  • FNSFMB411 Prepare loan application on behalf of clients


Getting Ready for Settlement

  • FNSFMB511 Implement credit contracts in preparation for settlement

Module 6

Assess Credit Applications

  • FNSFMB512 Identify and develop credit options for clients with special financial circumstances
  • FNSFMB513 Present broking options to clients with special financial circumstances
  • FNSFMB514 Implement complex loan structures

Module 7

Ethics and Professional Development

  • FNSINC514 Apply ethical frameworks and principles to make and act upon decisions
  • BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development

Module 8

Risk Management

  • FNSRSK511 Undertake risk identification
  • FNSRSK512 Assess risks
  • BSBOPS403 Apply business risk management processes

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As a member of the IPA, you are entitled to a 5% discount if you are a full fee-paying student for this Monarch Institute Qualification. To learn more about this offer and start your enrolment, contact Mindy on 1300 738 955 or email Mindy direct on [email protected].

There are no term dates or enrolment deadlines. At Monarch Institute, you can start your studies when it suits you.

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