Recognition of the IPA

The Institute of Public Accountants is one of three professional accounting bodies recognised in Australian legislation, alongside the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) and CPA Australia.

The IPA has contributed significantly to the development of Australian accounting standards and broader corporate policy since its inception in 1923.

The IPA represents over 49,000 qualified accountants and students throughout Australia and overseas, and is a member of the Joint Accounting Bodies, which is an entity that brings together the Presidents and CEOs of the CPA, CA ANZ and IPA to consider matters of interest to the profession as a whole.  The IPA is a member of the International Federation of Accountants and is a strong contributor to the development of the accounting profession in Australia and the broader region, including representation on numerous Australian Government and bilateral committees and councils.

IPA members – fully qualified accountants

The IPA is recognised in Commonwealth and State law in Australia and our members are recognised by the Australian Government as Qualified Accountants, and have equal standing under Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) rulings. 

For information on our equal footing with the CPA and CA ANZ under law, please click here.

A qualified accountant is defined in s88B of the Corporations Act as a person meeting the criteria in a class declaration made by ASIC. Under the class order [CO 01/1256], you are a qualified accountant if you:

  • belong to one of the following professional bodies at the declared membership classification, and
  • you comply with your body's continuing professional education requirements.

The IPA Program – a unique strength

In addition to IPA members being highly qualified, the IPA Program is unique as it is the only professional accounting body program that offers a full postgraduate degree upon completion of the Program.  Our unique IPA Program has been designed in partnership with Deakin University to ensure that our members are equipped with robust and effective tools to ensure the services they provide to their clients are of the highest quality. Click here for more information on our IPA Program.

Support from the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer

For IPA members who require a letter introducing the IPA, please download this letter from the Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, which can be used for recruitment and other industry requirements.


Throughout all phases of history, we have supported and championed our members and the profession. We are here to protect and support our members as well as the SME/SMP sector, and to ensure our members gain appropriate professional recognition.

Click here for more information on our Professional Recognition.


We make representations to Government including the Australian Tax Office, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority, Treasury Tax Agents Board and the Attorney General's Department.

We also ensure the concerns of members are voiced with government and key industry sectors through representation on special interest groups and committees including:

AASB Urgent Issues Group   |   Approved Auditors Subcommittee   |   ASIC Chairs Committee   |   ASIC Regional Liaison Group   |   ASX Corporate Governance Council   |   ASX Listed Entities Liaison Committee   |   ATO Accounting Working Group   |   ATO CEOs Forum   |   ATO Foreign Source Income Subcommittee   |   ATO GST Subcommittee   |   ATO Lodgement Working Party   |   ATO National Tax Liaison Group   |   ATO NTLG International Financial Reporting Standards Subcommittee   |   ATO Research Steering Committee   |   ATO Tax Reform Working Party   |   ATO Technical Issues Management Subcommittee   |   ATO/Tax Practitioner Forum   |   Australia China Business Council   |   Australia Malaysia Business Council   |   Bookkeeper Industry Advisory Group   |   Capital Gains Tax and Losses Subcommittee   |   CEDA CEOs Forum   |   CEDA CFOs Forum   |   Consultative Group to the Australian Accounting Standards Board   |   Council of Business Associations   |   Council of Small Business Associations COSBOA   |   Emerging Issues Taskforce   |   Financial Reporting Council   |   Fringe Benefits Tax Subcommittee   |   Innovation Business Services Australia Bookkeeper Advisory Committee   |   Insolvency Law Advisory Group   |   National Small Business Forum   |   National Superannuation Consultative Committee   |   NTLG Superannuation Subcommittee   |   Regional ATO/Tax Practitioner Forums   |   Regulatory Discussion Group | Skills Council of Victoria   |   Small Business Coalition   |   Standards Australia Financial Planning Subcommittee   |   Superannuation National Audit Consultative Committee   |   Sydney Research Group (Accounting)   |   Tax Pack Advisory Panel   |   Trans Tasman Accounting Standards Advisory Group