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Over 100 Years Were On A Mission To Build The Most Supportive Professional Development Community For Public Accountants And Small Businesses Alike 1

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Who we are

At the Institute of Public Accountants it is important to us that our members don’t feel like a number. With that in mind, we have focused our attention on providing a range of resources and products to really help and support. We don’t use call centers, our CEO personally contacts new members and we keep mental health at our forefront with education resources and our efforts in supporting The Male Hug just to name a few. 


And the numbers speak for themselves: over 55% of our members have been with us for over 10 years.


And our numbers continue to grow each year. 


What Matters to Us 

Supporting small business is something that has always been of utmost importance to the IPA and our members. We know that they have long been the backbone of our economy and have struggled more than most in recent times. We have been committed to helping our members guide and support their small business clients through troubling times, and many local Australian businesses have come to rely on having an IPA member by their side, now, more than ever.

What We Do

AC04 Iamipa Webpage Icon 200X200 Smallbusiness We are passionate about small business and understand that they are the backbone of the global economy. For this reason, our vision is to have one of our trusted IPA members by the side of every small business.
AC04 Iamipa Webpage Icon 200X200 Mentoring We ensure that accounting professionals who mentor, advise, and counsel small business have a strong collective voice. This enables them to support the productivity, growth, and prosperity of small businesses, thus making a genuine economic contribution.
AC04 Iamipa Webpage Icon 200X200 Generalfinance We are proud to serve and empower our members by providing opportunities for continual professional development and education to enhance their skills. The IPA is passionate about providing a community for public accountants to come together, learn together, and ensure correct policies and ethics are being followed.


How We Do It

Our resources for our members

We show our dedication to our members by:

  • Assisting members in maintaining currency of knowledge and relevance in an ever-changing and competitive market
  • Having a seat at more than 120 forums with key political, regulatory, and industry stakeholders across Australia and overseas
  • Formal submissions to key influencers and an active media program

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If you have any questions or would like to find out more about who the IPA are, contact us now.