Accounting PYP

The Accounting Professional Year Program (Accounting PYP) is a work readiness program approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). It is available to overseas students with an Australian accounting degree of at least two years study with an Australian university.

The program provides valuable professional experience in an approved Australian workplace and ensures participants complete relevant accounting tasks. The professional development and practical learning focuses on preparing for work including culture, ethics and expectations.

The Accounting PYP consists of at least 44 weeks training split into classroom study for 32 weeks and a 12 week internship placement with an approved host employer. It is recognised as a pathway to permanent residency under the general skilled migration (GSM) for 485 visa holders.

For more information on how to enrol, where the program is delivered, or how to become an authorised provider please visit:

Does the IPA provide Accounting PYP?

No. Accounting PYP is overseen by the three professional accounting bodies. The program is delivered by registered providers who have been jointly approved by the three bodies

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Please Note: Neither the Professional Accounting Bodies nor Accounting PYP are associated in any way with the AIFA Professional Year Program for Bookkeepers.

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