Accounting PYP

The Accounting Professional Year Program is approved by the Department of Home Affairs. It is available to overseas students who have an Australian accounting degree qualification as a result of at least two years' study with an Australian university.

Accounting PYP consists of:

  • A minimum of 44 weeks' training, including 32 weeks classroom study and 12 weeks internship placement providing valuable work experience in an approved Australian workplace completing relevant accounting tasks
  • Professional development and practical hands-on learning, with an emphasis on workplace preparation: culture, ethics and expectations
  • Recognition as a pathway for 485 visa holders seeking permanent residency under general skilled migration (GSM)

Accounting PYP was developed by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants. It is delivered by registered providers who have been approved by the three professional accounting bodies.

Successful completion of Accounting PYP may attract additional points under the GSM points test.

While a PY certificate and transcript do not list an expiry date, DHA Migration Regulations 1994 (Volume 3, Schedule 6D, Part 6D.6) require that the Professional Year to have been a period of at least 12 months in the 48 months (four years) immediately before the time that the migration applicant is issued an invitation to apply for the visa. Furthermore, only one Professional Year can be used to claim 5 points.

Enrolment in any of the accounting bodies’ professional programs is independent of an individual’s participation in Accounting PYP or any other DHA approved pathway to permanent residency.

Does the IPA provide Accounting PYP?

No. Accounting PYP is overseen by the three professional accounting bodies. The program is delivered by registered providers who have been jointly approved by the three bodies

To express an interest in becoming an approved provider, email with your company details, contact information and RTO or HEP registration number. Applications to become an approved provider of the Accounting PYP are accepted every three years, the next opportunity will be 2023.

Approved Accounting PYP providers

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Please Note: Neither the Professional Accounting Bodies nor Accounting PYP are associated in any way with the AIFA Professional Year Program for Bookkeepers.

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