Lodgement Deferrals 2020

The IPA would like to thank members for the feedback, support and comments that we have received. We acknowledge and have noted the feedback which has been passed on to the ATO.

The ATO have provided the below additional content regarding lodgment support for tax practitioners:

The ATO have a dedicated specialist team available to assist tax practitioners with a deferral arrangement that is suited to their individual circumstances.

This team can be contacted through the ATO secure Practice Mail channel. The ATO recommends using this method as this is the fastest way to access the support required. The ATO encourage tax practitioners to include preferred contact details and state that they require lodgment support in the subject line, as this will assist the ATO in actioning these requests as a priority.

For members of the tax profession who prefer to contact the ATO via telephone, the ATO have introduced a phone line that tax professionals can contact to seek a call back from the ATO specialist team who will support them to put in place a tailored support arrangement.

The ATO understand there has been some confusion about the nature of the service to be provided through the phone line and apologise for any inconvenience. The ATO have updated their scripting to ensure this is clear.

The Australian Taxation Office has published an update on their website ‘Help when you need it’ - ‘If you need help to manage your lodgment program due to reasons beyond your control, we can work with you on a Supported lodgment program.’

‘If you are unable to access our online services to make your request due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, phone us on 13 72 86 Fast Key Code 1 3 2 to discuss your circumstances.’

Note, the 15 May 2021 due date falls on a weekend, so the actual due date is the 17 May 2021. Deferral requests will be granted if a request is made within the three days following the due date, so essentially agents can lodge deferrals before the 21 May 2021, if they miss the 17 May 2021 date.

We encourage struggling agents to access the support and assistance that is being offered by the ATO.

If you have any further feedback, please forward this to us. We will monitor and feedback received and provide this to the ATO. Please send any feedback to either:

Irwin Bushnell at irwin.bushnell@publicaccountants.org.au or;
Tony Greco at tony.greco@publicaccountants.org.au.