Mentored Experience Program

The Mentored Experience Program (MEP) is designed to provide a structured approach to your workplace learning and ongoing professional development.

It is entirely a work-experience based program guided by a mentor and is a support mechanism for your career development. The purpose of the program is for you to work with a more experienced accountant who can guide and assist you in the early stages of your career.

In the program you will complete suitable work experience and provide documentary evidence relating to a number of agreed areas of work activity under the supervision of a mentor.

Develop your career

By the end of the MEP, you will have acquired skills and experience that will give you greater professional opportunities, higher self-confidence and enhanced recognition in your work place to help advance your career.

Gain recognition

The MEP is an important condition for advancement to Member, Institute of Public Accountant level of membership (MIPA).

In addition to qualifying you for MIPA status, the MEP identifies you as someone who is committed to ongoing career and personal development.

Gain tangible work experience and knowledge

As the program is work-experience based, you will accumulate documented experience that will help you prove your abilities to future employers to gain and excel in future roles.

Benefit of having a mentor

A mentor can help new entrants into the profession through their experience and insight as senior qualified accountants. The key role of the mentor is to provide guidance and to act as a sounding board. This allows the mentee to ask questions, seek assistance, brainstorm, or to talk through issues when needed.

Download our MEP Information Pack which includes exemption forms.