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BAS Advanced


Event Description - There are still many areas of misunderstanding and confusion with regard to interpreting and reporting GST, particularly where items go in a BAS and... Read More...

2017-18 Tax Agent Guide - Adelaide


Event Description - The IPA is proud to run the 2018 Tax Agent Guide for both Individual and Business taxpayers. This concise Guide will cover the key tax changes and... Read More...

Small Business Restructure Roll-over Relief – How useful?


Event Description -

The objective of this presentation by Tom Delanyis to provide participants with the opportunity to explore, in significant depth, the... Read More...

SA/NT Annual Divisional Advisory Committee Meeting


Event Description - The business of the meeting shall be admission of new members (if applicable). A report for consideration by CEO Andrew Conway, on the activities of... Read More...

Tax Administration - ATO Reviews and Audits


Event Description - The purpose of this session is to gain a detailed understanding of the process implemented by the ATO in conduct risk reviews, comprehensive reviews... Read More...