Membership benefits

We're a global accounting membership association that's dedicated to provide support and drive benefit and value for our members. We pride ourselves on providing you with support that's flexible, responsive and solutions focussed, always striving to improve the business of small business.

We offer you both tangible and non-tangible benefits that will help you in advancing your career.

We have ongoing influence in the development of Federal and State legislation, professional accounting standards, and proposals on regulatory issues.


Global recognition

With an expansive global focus, and full membership of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Confederation of Asia Pacific Accountants (CAPA), we promote the exchange of knowledge and best practice to build relationships across borders.


Tools for success

We work to save you time and energy by providing relevant and easy-to-access information that will keep you ahead in the world of accounting. We help simplify complex issues, allowing you to confidently explain changes to your clients or employer.

We keep you up-to-date on legislative changes and technical issues, which impact your legal obligations, compliance and reporting standards.

As a member of IFAC, our members have access to the IFAC KnowledgeNet, also known as, which was developed to facilitate the sharing of high quality resources among IFAC member bodies. This online resource is free and designed to provide easy and quick access to a wide range of information relevant to the accounting profession.  

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Professional development

We run multiple relevant and informative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events, congress and symposiums throughout Australia.

Our events are delivered face to face and online, ensuring you are kept up to date and can expand your knowledge when and where it's most convenient for you.  Our aim is to ensure that all education we offer you is practical and relevant - allowing you to put what you've learnt immediately into practice upon your return to the office.

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Networking opportunities

We host networking events across Australia, from discussion groups and special interest groups to social drinks and formal dinners with well-respected keynote speakers. You'll find yourself mingling with fellow accounting professionals from all industries.

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Member offers

We've secured preferential rates and substantial discounts on a range of services and benefits exclusive to our members.

From insurance and IT products to hotels and flights, your IPA membership gives you access to discounts and complimentary services that matter to you.


Professional Assist

Got a difficult issue that needs advice?  Professional Assist is our unique online technical helpdesk which connects you to specialist advisors across a range of industry sectors.  With answers provided within 24 hours, and backed by Professional Indemnity insurance, the service offers you an extensive information centre, helping you to resolve specific regulatory and other technical issues.

The service provides you with professional written opinions by leading experts in their field and we're the only professional accounting body to offer a service of this nature to our members.


Member stationery

We provide you with a service that will help you streamline the design and printing process of your office stationery.

Members are encouraged to co-brand their stationery with the IPA logo, adding weight to their business through their IPA membership, and showcasing to clients the global reach and professional standing of the IPA.



We offer a range of regular publications to ensure you're kept up-to-date on any industry changes and recent developments of the IPA.  Our glossy magazine Public Accountant provides relevant, topical issues which addresses key issues in the profession, and is backed up by our Digital Hub, our online magazine which provides fresh content on a daily basis.