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We constantly challenge ourselves to ensure we are delivering the best service possible to our members while maintaining our small business focus.

Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount About The IPA

The IPA is an Australian Accounting body and is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board.

Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount Why You Need To Be A Member

IPA’s commitment to members includes the delivery of quality continual professional development and education pathways, ensuring they maintain currency of knowledge and relevance in an ever-changing and competitive market.

This is supported by a range of communications including technical newsletters and updates; major conferences and networking opportunities; and, an award winning online technical support platform.

Advocating on behalf of members is an ongoing activity for the IPA and we have a seat at more than 120 forums with key political, regulatory and industry stakeholders across Australia and overseas.


We understand what our members need to build and run a successful business, which is why we have designed a range of benefits with this in mind.

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Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount What Can We Do For You

Members get access to all the tools and products required to advance in your profession, including:

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MyCommunity Office Space Professional Assist
Virtual Member Community Complimentary Meeting Rooms Free Online Technical Support
HO28 MSBC 50X50 Techresources HO28 MSBC 50X50 Staionary HO28 MSBC 50X50 CPD
Technical Resources Stationery CPD Sessions
Resources to assist you and your business Brand your stationery with the IPA logo A range of networking Events and Conferences
HO28 MSBC 50X50 Ipaprogram HO28 MSBC 50X50 Jobsboard  
The IPA Program Jobs Board  
Deakin University Master of Business Administration Advertise Jobs Positions to our Database  

Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount How Our Partners Can Help

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IPA Insure
Cyber Security Stationery / Office Supplies
Insurance & People Risk Management Products Improve Data Security Exclusive Business Pricing
HO28 MSBC 50X50 Bankingfinance HO28 MSBC 50X50 Debtrecovery HO28 MSBC 50X50 Techresources 
Practice Automation Solvency Solutions
Technical Resources 
Run your practice on autopilot Manage insolvency procedures, and recover secured debts Key Tools and Resources
HO28 MSBC 50X50 Rewards    
Enjoy Great Benefits    

Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount Becoming A Member

When applying to join the IPA, you have two application options. You can complete a Fast track online application or a hard-copy form.

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Websubheaders Makingsmallbusinesscount Contact Us

If you wish to find out more, contact your local Member Growth Executive or chat online with us.

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