Cert IV Accounting

Our Certificate IV in Accounting (FNS40615) is a nationally recognised qualification and requirement for BAS agents, as outlined in Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009.

In today’s rapidly evolving accounting and finance profession, employers are looking for candidates that possess the necessary skills to become a successful accountant, tax and BAS agent.

This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge gained from a credible industry-endorsed program that employs best practice assessment standards.

Our Certificate IV in Accounting is delivered online in partnership with Mentor Education (RTO 21683). Their online portal allows you to access all learning materials, submit your work and obtain feedback and support from Mentor’s team of professional financial advisors - without ever stepping foot outside your home or office.

The course includes the two units of competency required to satisfy the education requirements.

Fast Track Study

If you already hold the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, simply fast track and gain this Accounting Certificate IV qualification by studying two units in this course at a cost of $135. This allows you to then gain access to Mentor Education’s Diploma of Accounting.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate IV in Accounting course, you will:

  • be recognised as having completed the most current nationally identifiable and relevant bookkeeping qualification
  • be required to complete GST and BAS units, allowing you to meet the educational requirements to register as a Business Activity Statement (BAS) agent as mandated by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)
  • learn and master outcomes in manual and computerised accounting (MYOB).

Course Costs

Our flexible enrolment and payment arrangements mean you can start when you're ready, and pay as you progress through the program.

The complete course costs $1941, but you have the option to ‘pay as you go’ by simply enrolling into single course units as you continue your academic journey on the program.

New Student application fee

Please note that there is a one-off, non-refundable application fee of $150 charged to new students enrolling into the course. However, if you have already studied the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping with us, the fee won't be charged. We'll manage your application and coordinate your onboarding and induction.

Apply now

To apply, complete the Application Form and send this to us to kickstart your study.

If you require assistance with the application process, please contact us on 03 8665 3100 or email us.

Certificate IV Accounting Course Outline

AC 1 - Accounting Fundamentals

  • FNSACC406 Set up and Operate a Computerised Accounting System (MYOB)
  • FNSINC401 Apply Principles of Professional Practice to Work in the Financial Services Industry
  • FNSBKG402 Establish and Maintain a Cash Accounting System (MYOB)
  • FNSACC301 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports

AC 2 - Business Reporting

  • BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports
  • FNSACC302 Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers
  • BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents
  • FNSACC402 Prepare Operational Budge

AC 3 - BAS & Payroll

  • FNSBKG405 Establish and Maintain a Payroll System
  • FNSBKG404 Carry out Business Activity and Instalment Activity

AC 4 - OHS & Inventory

  • BSBWHS201 Participate in OHS Processes
  • FNSACC405 Maintain Inventory Records
  • FNSACC404 Prepare Financial Statements for Non Reporting Entities