Diploma of Financial Planning

The Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50615) is the industry endorsed requirement for accountants who are required to provide financial advice to their clients, or to those entering the financial planning profession. 

Under ASIC regulations, accountants who offer financial services advice to their clients now have to complete a relevant qualification that meets the educational requirements of ASIC’s Regulatory Guideline 146 – or RG146, and be appropriately licensed under ASIC’s financial services licensing framework.  Providing advice on financial services without being licensed places you at significant risk of prosecution by ASIC.

The Diploma of Financial Planning we offer has been designed to meet ASIC requirements, and we're proud to offer this in partnership with Mentor Education (RTO 21683). Mentor has fast become one of the longest established, reputable Australian owned and operated RG146 compliance training providers in the country.

If you're in Melbourne and Sydney, we also offer you the opportunity to complete the course in an express classroom workshop.

Who should enrol?
You should enrol if you are:

  • Working within the financial planning profession and looking to meet ASIC’s qualification requirement as an authorised financial adviser.
  • Wanting to enter or re-enter the industry and require the industry endorsed RG146 qualification to provide advice to retail clients.
  • Seeking to expand your existing financial services skills and industry knowledge.

Course Outcome 
The Diploma of Financial Planning will provide you with:

  • The confidence to engage with a broad client base.
  • The ability to identify various financial planning needs.
  • The tools to assess and consider your client’s risk profile.
  • The practical knowledge and technical expertise to meet the objectives of retail clients in the areas of insurance, superannuation and investment.
  • An appreciation of best practice standards in financial services.
  • the ability to know what type of advice you can provide.
  • An understanding of what written warnings you must provide a client to inform them of the type of advice they are providing (i.e. warning prior to meeting, and signed at meeting)
  • The ability to make an informed decision about becoming an authorised representative of an AFSL
  • The opportunity of adding financial planning as a client offering (i.e. increased business valuation and revenue per client).

We have designed our assessment activities in line with best practice standards to help you deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients.

Each subject includes:

  • A multiple choice knowledge test.
  • Short answer responses to a practical case study. 

Learners seeking the full qualification are required to develop and present a Financial Plan (SoA).

Is RG146 all I need to provide advice?

Undertaking the course is the first step in RG 146 accreditation; you need to become licensed or authorised to provide financial advice, once your studies have been completed. 

For more information on how to become an authorised financial planner with ASIC approval upon completion of the Diploma, click here.

For information on assistance with nominating an Australian Financial Services Licensee to provide advice to your clients, click here.


  Course Costs

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