Diploma of Financial Planning (RG146 Compliant)

The ability to provide proactive advice is a great addition to any accountant’s skill set. It’s a great way to expand the value of what you offer as an independent practitioner, as well as opening up your potential career pathways.

To offer financial advice for a fee or reward, you need to meet certain regulatory requirements. One is that you must hold a qualification at the level (and content) prescribed by ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 146. One of your options for meeting RG146 is a Diploma of Financial Planning.

The Institute of Public Accountants is pleased to recommend Monarch Institute as our training provider of choice.

What about the new education requirements?

From January 2019, you’ll have to meet the new Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority benchmarks. 

You’ve got two broad options. You can finish this RG146 course and begin practicing before January. Alternatively, once you have the Diploma, you may continue on to university-level study. FASEA will require all advisers, even those practicing before January 2019, to have a minimum bachelor-level qualification by January 2024. There are advanced standing (fast track) pathways available for Monarch Institute Diploma graduates. Visit the Monarch Institute website to find out more.

Why study with Monarch Institute?

Monarch Institute was founded by finance industry veterans who wanted to change the way nationally recognised training addressed industry demands and learners’ practical needs. They’ve pioneered real-world financial planning education; their courses are 100% online, delivered by industry experts and practicing advisers. Unlike other online study options, there are no exams or compulsory on-campus dates to attend. Monarch Institute students can access support from trainers any time, on their own terms – phone, email, Facebook, Zoom and more. In other words, it’s a learning experience that’s made to fit your busy practicing life.

What’s included in the Diploma of Financial Planning?

The Monarch Institute Diploma of Financial Planning is made up of 21 nationally recognised units of competency. The units are grouped in to four modules, ensuring you learn and apply related principles at the same time. The modules and units you’ll cover are:

Module 1 - Foundations of Financial Planning

  • Comply with financial planning practice ethical and operational guidelines and regulations (FNSFPL501)
  • Review financial plans and provide ongoing service (FNSFPL505)
  • Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients (FNSIAD501)
  • Determine client requirements and expectations (FNSCUS505)
  • Record and implement client instructions (FNSCUS506)

Module 2 - Investments

  • Determine client financial requirements and expectations (FNSFPL506)
  • Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry (FNSINC401)
  • Develop and use complex spreadsheets (BSBITU402)
  • Provide advice in managed investments (FNSASICT503)
  • Provide advice in securities (FNSASICW503)
  • Provide advice in derivatives (FNSASICV503)
  • Analyse financial-market products for clients (FNSFMK502)
  • Advise clients on financial risk (FNSFMK503)
  • Conduct product research to support recommendations (FNSINC501)

Module 3 - Superannuation and Retirement Planning

  • Conduct financial-planning analysis and research (FNSFPL502)
  • Develop and prepare financial plan (FNSFPL503)
  • Provide advice in superannuation (FNSASICU503)

Module 4 - Insurance and Risk Management

  • Provide advice in life insurance (FNSASICX503)
  • Implement financial plan (FNSFPL504)
  • Provide advice in financial planning (FNSASICZ503)
  • Provide Tier 1 personal advice in life insurance (FNSASICM503)

Additional information: 

  • You need to complete Module 1 before being issued with statements of attainment for Modules 2, 3 and 4.
  • If you wish to upgrade to meet RG146 requirements for providing SMSF advice, you’ll need to complete a further five units as part of Module 3. Chat to a Monarch Institute course consultant to find out how this works.  

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