IPA Program

How our new IPA Program benefits you

The IPA Program broadens your skills and enables you to take the next step in your career. Completion of the IPA program demonstrates to employers you have the ability to operate at a highly strategic management level and are committed to ongoing professional development. With an MBA in hand, you’re also enhancing your marketability and value to employers.

Studying at the postgraduate level ensures you're continually enhancing your knowledge and expanding your expertise. The IPA Program exposes you to new concepts and ideas, improving your ability to critically analyse information, and provide a range of valuable strategic advice to your clients. The content on the IPA Program is highly relevant to the current business issues facing companies and accounting professionals in today's economy.

The new IPA Program has been designed with our member’s priorities and lifestyles in mind. With no classes to attend and all units delivered online, you can study at your own pace. The course content is updated regularly and reflects the latest developments that affect the accounting profession and the world of global commerce and management. Our IPA Program also features a unit designed exclusively for IPA members, focusing purely on strategic advice provided to the small business sector – a unit that will cement your status as a leading business advisor in the SME/SMP space.

Why an MBA?

The Deakin MBA is an academic postgraduate qualification that has never stood still. The constantly evolving requirements of employers, the changing demands of clients, and the revolutionary changes caused by waves of new technologies entering the accounting profession and the business world at large has ensured that the MBA is constantly evolving to meet ever-increasing strategic needs.

Deakin’s MBA is one of Australia’s premier business qualifications. It is internationally recognised and EPAS accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development. It holds the highest 5-Star rating by the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) – a rigorous and independent assessment of business schools across Australia. Deakin’s online MBA program was ranked among the Top 25 in the world – and the best in Australia – by prestigious university rankings organisation QS.

Deakin offers IPA members outstanding flexibility through a choice of learning delivery options: online, on campus, residential and experiential. Their award-winning and innovative online learning platforms deliver a program that is a highly visual, media-rich and an interactive learning experience.

IPA members will be studying with working professionals – 92% of current students are working full-time while they study. Deakin’s teaching staff are internationally-recognised researchers and the core units are supported by industry adjuncts – working managers who make critical business decisions every day.

Throughout study of the IPA Program, you’ll have access to course counsellors and can engage in professional development opportunities with Deakin’s alumni network. Deakin offers a tailored Career Development Program, an active Deakin MBA Alumni Chapter and regular networking and professional development events.