Program Structure

The IPA Program is made up of two stages which upon completion culminates in an MBA from Deakin University.

IPA Program - Stage 1
Pathways Program
IPA Program - Stage 2
Deakin University MBA

Stage 1 - Pathways Program

The first six units of our IPA Program have been designed to accommodate the needs of our Associate members (AIPA) who are working towards advancing to Member of the IPA (MIPA). These units focus on refining your accounting and finance skills, and work in partnership with our Mentored Experience Program.

Upon completion of the first stage, AIPA members will advance to MIPA, which then allows you to commence the Deakin MBA (Stage 2) of the IPA Program.

Stage 2 - Deakin University MBA

If you're a MIPA or Fellow of the IPA (FIPA), you can join the MBA component of the IPA Program directly.  A standard MBA covers 12 units of study, but Deakin has approved IPA members to qualify for 50% Recognition of Prior Learning - reducing the units you need to study to six - saving you significant time and money, as well as recognising your experience and contribution to the profession.

The subjects in the MBA are highly strategic in nature, and are geared towards enhancing the way you communicate with your audience with clear, consistent and effective forms of strategic advice.

In addition, we offer you the ability to complete some of the MBA units in just six days, through Deakin's unique residential MBA classroom workshops, based in Geelong, Victoria.  This is a great way to start and finish a unit in a single week and to further fast track your MBA completion.