CPD Requirements

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enhances your knowledge and allows you to remain up to date with legislative, technical and professional accounting standards changes.

As a condition of your ongoing membership (excluding honorary, retired and student members) you are required to:

  • Complete 80 hours of CPD each biennium - a minimum of 10 hours must be completed in any calendar year.
  • Keep a record of your CPD activities - the record is to be retained for a minimum of five calendar years after the end of the biennium and made available during an audit.
  • Comply with Pronouncement 7 - details all requirements regarding CPD and IPA membership.


CPD hours are not exclusive to attending events but can also include preparing and presenting at events, technical reading / research and even finding the solution to complex client queries, as long as these are related to the accounting profession. You can find out what activities can be included in your CPD hours by referring to Pronouncement 7.

New members hours will be proportionally reduced depending on when they became a member.  


All records of CPD activities must include:

  • Date of activity
  • Provider name
  • Title of activity / description
  • Number of hours

You can use our CPD Records Feature to keep track of all your CPD activities in one central place. If you would prefer to track your CPD activities manually, you can download our CPD Records Template


Each year we conduct a CPD audit on a random selection of members.

If you are selected for an audit, it is mandatory to participate and you must provide a record of your CPD activities. Participation in the CPD audit qualifies you for 2 hours of CPD.
A failure to comply may result in a suspension / forfeiture of membership as detailed under Pronouncement 12.

In special circumstances, we may grant exemptions form CPD requirements (such as protracted health problems, maternity leave or other exceptional circumstances). Requests for an exemption must be in writing and addressed to the Manager Assurance and Compliance setting out the reasons for the exemption.

For further information or guidance on CPD activities, please click here or contact your Division Office or email cpdaudit@publicaccountants.org.au.