IPA Ethics and Governance Short Course

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IPA Ethics and Governance Short Course

Ethical and effective governance is high on the national agenda. Recently, Australia has seen national enquiries into institutional failures and trust breaches by the banking and financial services sector, aged care, churches, and sporting organisations. Findings from these enquiries have uncovered systematic failures of ethical culture, integrity, and governance systems. In recognition that the long term sustainability of the business is dependent upon trust and goodwill, ethical and trustworthy organisational conduct requires robust governance systems that benchmark and assess performance and culture.

In Ethics and Governance, you will gain an understanding of the ethical requirements of good governance, as well as how organisations might align their various formal and informal control mechanisms to reliably produce trustworthy and ethical conduct.

Topics Covered:

Module 1 - Ethics and Corporate Environment

  • Foundations of Corporate Governance
  • Four Theories
  • The Corporate Governance Toolkit and Ethics

Module 2 – Case Studies

  • Conducting an Ethics Audit
  • Just because you legally can, should you? Corporate governance, CSR, mining interests and Australia’s cultural heritage

Module 3 – Assessment

On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the ethical requirements of good governance and analyse how organisations use control mechanisms to promote ethical conduct.
  • Outline four theories relevant to corporate governance.
  • Reflect on the theories and principles of good governance to expectations and corporate social responsibility
  • Apply good governance and corporate social responsibility to relevant case studies.

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IPA Ethics and Governance Short Course

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