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SMSF Extension

For members that missed out on Monica Rule’s SMSF Masterclass last year, Monica will be presenting “SMSF Extension” on 3 September 2018. In this presentation, Monica will provide information on the following areas of the superannuation and income tax laws that will assist you with your SMSF clients.

Topics covered

  • The legal structure of an SMSF. Don’t assume that anyone can establish an SMSF. You must know your client’s background to ascertain that they can be a trustee and members of their SMSF. We examine what must be done if an SMSF member becomes a disqualified person or is unable to continue managing their SMSF. Assist your clients to avoid harsh tax penalties when SMSF members go overseas.
  • Investment restrictions for SMSFs. What can and cannot be acquired by an SMSF. Know how to determine whether a person or an entity is a related party to members of an SMSF. Understand how an SMSF can invest in a related entity as well as how it can acquire properties in Australia and overseas.
  • Accumulating wealth in an SMSF. Understand the various ways to make contributions to an SMSF as well as how to transfer assets into an SMSF. Gain knowledge of the correct process in making contributions to avoid paying extra tax. Find out about the tax deductions and tax offsets that are available on certain contributions. We consider whether your clients should consider the First Home Super Saver Scheme or make Downsizer contribution. Learn how superannuation is affected when couples split.
  • Accessing superannuation entitlements.There are various types of benefits that can be paid by an SMSF, each with its own tax treatment. Find out whether it is better to pay a benefit as a pension or a lump sum.
  • Estate Planning. What must be done when a member dies. Learn how to ensure a member’s superannuation is passed on to the right people. Find out how estate planning has changed due to superannuation law changes.

Presented by

Monica Rule, Your Self Managed Super Expert

Monica Rule worked for the Australian Taxation Office for 28 years and spent 17 years in the Superannuation Business Line as a technical advisor, trainer, and compliance officer who audited SMSFs and assisted SMSF trustees, accountants, auditors and lawyers with complex superannuation queries.

Monica Rule holds a Diploma of Superannuation Management and is a SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor. She is a regular contributor to the finance pages of The West Australian and The Australian newspapers.


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