IPA Centenary Series: Owning It! Taking Control and Being Unstoppable

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IPA Centenary Series: Owning It! Taking Control and Being Unstoppable

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There is only one thing we have control over in this world; ourselves. With an
everchanging environment challenging the way that we do things, and putting up
limitations and barriers at every turn, it can be easy to fall into the 'if only' or 'we need' this
trap. Before we know it, we are closing our mind waiting for others to fix it and even
passing the blame of our results based on what we don't have.

Owning it is the start of a self-awareness conquest to understand the role that we
play in every situation and the beliefs and values driving us.

It's time to take control of our lives, our choices, our responses, our impact on others, our
communication and relationships, our performance, and work with what we have rather
than against it.

Only then can we truly become the Unstoppable version of ourselves.

Meet Your Speaker, Amy Jacobson

Amy challenges and disrupts mindsets in people to own their performance and amplify engagement. She is an emotional intelligence and human behaviour specialist, with 19 years experience of more than doubling engagement and market brand scores. Working with clients such as SME’s across Law, Real Estate, Mining, Insurance and Retail, to name a few, Amy has a burning passion and drive to see people reach their full potential, embrace their strengths and find their ‘y’.



Owning It! Taking Control and Being Unstoppable

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