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Sharing knowledge: The small business roadshow


Event Description - This 2 hour session will provide IPA members an opportunity to hear from Australia's key Government regulators and learn about the resources... Read More...

Get ready for single touch payroll with IPA Books+ - 2 May


Event Description - Single Touch Payroll will be mandatory for all employers from 1 July 2019.

With just over 3 months until the STP deadline, we’ve organised a... Read More...

Understanding Aged Care - Lunch & Learn


Event Description -

Aged care is a subject which evokes stress and dread for many of us and our clients. However, with an ageing population, it is something that... Read More...

Taxation aspects of incorporating professional practices


Event Description - As a result of representations from various professional bodies representing practitioners, the incorporation of professional practices has, for... Read More...

SMSF Pensions & Claiming Exempt Income - it's all changed!


Event Description - Introduction & Overview

The income an SMSF earns from its assets to pay pensions is exempt from income tax - termed ‘exempt current... Read More...