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Register now for an exceptional lineup of on-demand sessions for our Management & Professional Skills CPD bundle boasting up to a total of 20 CPD hours. This on-demand bundle will focus on current, practical, and tangible management and professional skills. Specifically centering on issues impacting IPA practitioners and solutions that can be effectively implemented for you or your client's business.

Purchasing this bundle meets your 20 hours of competency in Professional and Management CPD Skills in Pronouncement 7.

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Up to 20 CPD Hours


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Tips and Traps of Recruiting and Interviewing - On-Demand


The number one challenge for many accounting firms (and other businesses) is the ability to attract and retain the right people. So getting recruiting and interviewing right really matters.

In this session Rob Pillans will dig into what makes a great recruitment and interviewing process. This will include from when you identify a need through to that person having been successfully inducted into your firm.

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence


Identify your communication skills and how to leverage them during learning and communication.

Amy will discuss how to get ‘buy in’ and have honest and tough conversations whilst taking ownership not avoidance. Understand how to build stronger relationships by communication with emotional intelligence.

Cultivating a Culture


Want to achieve greater levels of connection in the workplace? Sarah Morse delivers a captivating session to inspire you and your teams to a greater level of connection, with tangible tools to start cultivating a culture of courage in your workplace.

Learn how workplace culture can lead to higher productivity, lower staff turnover and less sick days. This workshop provide you the tools to start implementing straight away.

  Wednesday 19 September Wednesday 11 October

Rob Pillans

Amy Jacobson

Sarah Morse

Member: $200

Non-Member: $250

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Member: $200

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Member: $200

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A Guide to Creating Your First Digital Impression

We have all heard that saying before. However, what is new is the digital-first world we now work, live and play in. We are living in a world of digital-first.


A world where people google and research online before they reach you in person. This introductory workshop will cover how to audit, amplify and administer your digital-first impression.

Decision Making for


Making better decisions consistently is notoriously difficult. This session will provide a framework to help decide how much and how often they should involve others in decisions, as well as general guidance on how to improve decision-making effectiveness.

Join Dr Richard Carter, as he discusses how to build confidence and capability in making better decisions, more often, for managers and leaders.

Negotiating Better


Negotiation is a key skill for working with clients and staff. Our ability to build trusted relationships and negotiate outcomes that work for all parties is essential to building a strong practice.

Join Gary Edwards as he discusses the different types of negotiation and how to stand your ground and still maintain the relationship. Learn what your preferred negotiation style and discover the confidence and skills to negotiate better outcomes in a range of workplace situations.

Wednesday 13 December Wednesday 13 December Wednesady 17 January

Kylie Chown

Richard Carter

Gary Edwards

Member $100

Non-Member: $150

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Member: $100

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Member: $100

Non-Member: $150

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Cyber Security for Small


Rather than just tell you what cyber security is or scare you with cyber crime stories, we want to do something practical with Cyber123 for SME. We want to help you design a plan for cyber security in your business.


Importantly, it’s blank and you can put on it what you want. In the context of cyber security, we’re providing you with a prepared surface on which you can build a vision of what cyber security looks like for you. This session will take you step by step through that canvas and will help you to fill in as many blank spaces as possible.

Taking Control of Your Time Management


Are you finding it difficult managing your time and tasks despite having technology that is meant to help you?

This workshop will inspire you to get on top of things by leveraging technology and optimising your efforts.

Crucial Conversation


Petris Lapis will assist you to take your skills to the next level. Explore the golden rules of conversations, understand the keys to difficult conversations ending warmly, discover how to give feedback effectively, create rapport and be more influential.


Wednesday 13 March Wednesday 15 May Thursday 12 June


Christina Mourtzios

Petris Lapis FIPA FFA

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Non-Member: $150

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Back on Track: Managing Your People and Mental Wellness Workshop


This 2-hour workshop guides participants in how to manage a staff member who has mental health issues or a mental illness in a way that respects their rights, increases their chances of recovery, and minimises risks to the organisation.

Wednesday 10 July    

Member: $150

Non-Member: $200

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