IPA Program Through UNE

Please note that the IPA Program offered by the University of New England, culminating in the award of a Master of Commerce in Public Accounting, is only available to IPA members who have already enrolled and are continuing their studies with UNE.   

This program is not available to new IPA members wishing to enrol.

All new IPA Program students wishing to enrol from July 2017 onwards must enrol in our new Program, which culminates in the award of an MBA Degree, delivered in partnership with Deakin University. 

For information on our new IPA Program delivered by Deakin University, please click here.

The IPA Program, delivered by UNE, provides you with a globally recognised postgraduate qualification, allowing you to meet the educational requirements needed to advance your IPA membership.

Program structure
The IPA Program is delivered over three teaching periods per year, and consists of three components:

  1. Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting
  2. Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting
  3. Master of Commerce (Public Accounting)