Bupa Wellness Resources

Bupa - Home Ergonomic Video

This short video provides tips for comfort, productivity and safety while working from home. It includes how to choose a suitable work surface, what to look for in a chair and how to ensure your work environment is safe.

Bupa Wellbeing Video Collection

Bupa’s comprehensive range of Wellbeing video provide your organisation with ways to promote, inspire and guide your employees to practice and achieve good Wellbeing daily: think about posting these on your company intranet, social feeds, or send to your people in business updates.

Work From Home Guide

This guide will help you set up your home office to maximise safety and comfort. It contains information on choosing a suitable desk surface, how to adjust your screen, and how to position your keyboard and mouse.

Bupa Break and Stretching Guide

This interactive PDF guide contains 14 stretches that can help reverse the impact of poor posture and prolonged sitting, all designed to be easily done at home.

Walk to Run Programs

With the closure of fitness facilities and local sporting options, walking and running has become the most accessible form of exercise. To help those employees who have never run before or for those who want to train themselves to a achieve a certain distance from 5km to a marathon, there is a program for all.