It was announced on Thursday 12 August, the ACT will enter a seven snap lockdown from 5:00pm AEST. The lockdown will remain in place until Thursday 19 August 5:00pm AEST .

During this period of lockdown, it is essential to follow the ACT Government's rules that have been established.

The state government has stated you should only leave your home for the following essential reasons:

  1. To shop for essentials like groceries and medicine and supplies that are essential for personal needs or for vulnerable people.
  2. To obtain essential health care, including to undertake a COVID-19 test or receive a scheduled COVID-19 vaccination.
  3. To exercise outdoors for no more than one hour per day, with one other person, or your household group.
  4. To provide essential caregiving services.
  5. To undertake essential work.

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