December 2016

Andrew Conway radio interviews on ATO portal issue – Mix 94.5, 2GB, 3AW, 6PR

IPA to target SMEs for trade and export market – AoWeiBang.com

Tax office spent $150,000 on IT ‘reinvention’ conference weeks before system crash – Various (23 titles)

IT outages continue – IPA still waiting for ATO to deliver – China.net Australia

Taxing week for Turnbull as ATO rejects third party offer – Government News

ATO tech crash: Agency faces calls for compensation. No guarantees over tax refunds – Canberra Times

Tax agent portal outage wreaks havoc for accountants – Accountants Daily

IT outages continue – IPA still waiting for ATO to deliver – Business Acumen Magazine

Tax office warns of days more online disruption after system crash – The Guardian

ATO pledges no client date lost – The Australian

ATO expects more disruptions after glitch – Sky News

No client date lost in IT glitch: ATO – The Australian and Perth Now

ATO expects more disruptions to come – Various

Socially responsible investing to give accountants “competitive edge” – Public Accountant

Australian Tax Office website crash: no promises on tax refunds by Christmas – Canberra Times

Law changes actuarial certificate relevance – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

IPA to target SMEs for trade and export market – Public Accountant

How accounting in Australia helps you carve out a niche for yourself – Business Daily

Structure, systems key to advisory services – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Auditors in hot water with ASIC – Public Accountant

Basic failings seeing SMSF auditors scrapped – SMSF Adviser

Accountants have twofold advantage – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

ATO aiming for tax agent software integration – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Mid-tier hits out at accounting bodies on government lobbying – Accountants Daily

Small business productivity more important than ever: IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

From ATO aggression to payment defaults: the factors that led to Australian insolvencies climbing in 2016 – Smart Company

November 2016

Compliance work won’t drive revenue – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Practitioner engagement key to less red tape – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Local housing market hits high point – Financial Observer

Engaging with Gen X, Y is not hard – IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

Four ways to get ahead of our competition – StartUp Smart

Speak up to influence policy, public accountants told – Public Accountant

Four ways to fight digital disruption when it threatens your company – Smart Company

Accountants told to focus on younger generational values – Public Accountant

ATO survey to follow up FSI – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Accountants could be hit for negligence – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

The importance of using business statistics! – eArticlesOnline (USA)

Business and political leaders call on SMEs to ignite reform – MyBusiness

ATO ramps up development of new tax agents – Accountants Daily

Ex-MP, big bank exec call on accountants to ignite reform – Accountants Daily

Digital push only threat for dinosaurs – Public Accountant

IPA elects new president – Public Accountant, Financial Standard, Accountants Daily

Australian market set to open higher – Various

Small business gets a helping hand – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Australia’s innovation scorecard: pass or fail? – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

What’s On – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Finance week for November 20-26 – Various

Research centre to focus on small business wellbeing – Business Acumen Magazine

Institute of Public Accountants stages national congress ­– Business Acumen Magazine

Small Business confidence critical following Trump win – Public Accountant

Call to not reduce super contribution cap – Money Management

Research centre to push SME focus – Business Acumen Magazine

Burden of economic uncertainty to fall on SMEs – Accountants Daily

Backing next big things – Herald Sun

IPA and Deakin University: leading global voice for SME sector- Business Acumen Magazine

Government urged to not drop concessional caps – SolePurposeTest

Do not reduce the contribution caps says IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

Don’t reduce super cap says IPA – World News Report

IPA slams cut to concessional caps – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Don’t reduce super caps says IPA – Professional Planner

Government pushed to drop counteractive tax proposals – Accountants Daily

Call to not reduce super contribution cap – Money Management

October 2016

PC urged to get politics out of super defaults – Money Management

Discover benefits if taking professional year program – PRWire

Dropping $500K cap – a plus for retirement planning – Public Accountant

IPA Update – www.aoweibang.com

Enterprise tax plan receives green light – Public Accountant

Tax relief creeps closer for small business – Accountants Daily

Small business tax cuts get green light – Public Accountant

IPA commends Section 46 changes – Public Accountant

Accountants dissatisfied with industry bodies – Accountants Daily

IPA welcomes changes to Section 46 – Public Accountant

Labor tax cut block to hit 100,000 businesses ­– XKB.com.au, ABX, The Australian, Sogotrade

Accountants shrug off law change fears – Herald Sun, Perth Now

ATO proposal gains momentum­ – Accountants Daily

Long overdue increase SB turnover threshold – Public Accountant

ATO culture improving says IPA – Public Accountant

Raise the small business tax offset cap – Public Accountant

September 2016

Limited liability is a hallmark of a true profession – Professional Planner

Government pushed on small business tax breaks – Accountants Daily

Threshold rise urged – Herald-Sun

IPA welcomes ATO’s ‘one-chance’ rule – Money Management

Hold firm on business tax cuts, BCA urges – Australian Financial Review

Malcolm Turnbull urged not to ‘give up’ on prosperity – Australian Financial Review

Accountants ‘number one’ choice in key advice areas – Accountants Daily

Super changes have trade-offs: IPA – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Govt disappoints on work test reversal – Money Management

Research centre to drive SME policy debate – MyBusiness

Dropping $500K cap – a plus for retirement planning – Professional Planner, Publicnow (Canada) and Noodls

Adjunct Professor Andrew Conway – Noodls

Valuable accounts – Herald-Sun

Interview with Andrew Conway –Xinlicai (China)

August 2016

The tax perk every employer should be claiming – Australian Financial Review

Off-market buybacks in the firing line – Australian Financial Review

Federal budget a loser in off-market buybacks – Australian Financial Review

Risky auditors on ATO watch list – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Help with all types of tax returns – Mandurah Mail

Off-market buy-backs leaks revenue – Money Management

Off-market buy-backs hidden cost – Business Acumen Magazine

July 2016

Help with all types of returns - Mandurah Mail

Tackle super through tax reform – Super Review, Money Management

IPA calls for post-election restraint on super – Public Accountant

How to find a good accountant at tax time - News.com.au

IPA urges rethink on superannuation policy – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Technical Advantage – China Online


IPA welcomes minister for small business appointment – Public Accountant

IPA urges government to maintain small business focus – Business Acumen Magazine

‘Increasing productivity and revenue margins via automation' - Exclusive for IFA Members – Accountants Web

Offering a professional service for all types of tax returns – Mandurah Mail

582 licences pending, ASIC reissues warning – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

FRC – Business Recorder

Proposed 'professional year' for new planners a big hurdle – Professional Planner

Accountants hit out over licensing changes – Public Accountant

June 2016

Small business benefits regardless of who wins the election – Noodls France

Small business set to be a winner post-election – Public Accountant

Top expert tips for WA small business – News.com.au, The Advertiser, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail

Time to get tax-wise – Herald Sun

21 end of financial year tax tips for SMEs – Smart Company

Accountants warned of ATO shadow shopping – SMSF Adviser

Andrew Conway awarded academic title – Public Accountant

Oh glorious Secret City – The Australian

Superannuation (Andrew Conway) – 2GB, 2UE, 4BC, 3AW, 6PR, Fiveaa,

May 2016

Accounting leaders gather for fin management forum ­– Public Accountant

The new Australian Skilled Occupations List for 2017 – Migration Alliance

A snapshot of the past six years – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

An election sweetener for small business: IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

Superannuation, tax winners for low-income earners – SMSF Adviser

Government walking a fine line on Budget cuts – Money Management

IPA applauds government’s support of SMEs – Accountants Daily, MyBusiness

Playing with super is a trade-off – Noodles India

Institute of Public Accountants – BUDGET SUPER – Medianet

Contribution changes to prompt SMSF top-up – Financial Observer

BUDGET: An election sweetener for small business – Noodls India

Budget 2016 – reaction and commentary – Professional Planner

What they made of the federal budget – Channel 9

Institute of Public Accountants: Playing with super is a trade-off – Professional Planner

IPA congratulates Jamie Johns – Business Acumen Magazine

April 2016

Clarify goals and purpose of super: IPA – Money Management

New calls for greater standardisation in super – Super Review

IPA congratulates Jamie Johns – Noodls France

IPA calls for greater transparency across super system – SMSF Adviser

Budget to provide breathing space for AAA credit rating – Noodls India

Accountants warned of ASIC shadow shopping – Accountants Daily

How competitive and efficient is our super? – Professional Planner

Growing pains: moving from an industry to a profession – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Budget to provide breathing space for AAA credit rating – IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

Deakin distinguished fellow: IPA's Andrew Conway – Business Acumen Magazine

IPA – Multinationals in China Magazine

Fresh shadow shopping warnings for accountants – SMSF Adviser

ASIC support finally recognised – Professional Planner

ASIC support finally recognised – Noodls Australia

Commit to original super objective: IPA – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Enshrining super will guide future policy: IPA – Money Management

Super going backwards to go forwards – Professional Planner


Going backwards to go forward – Brazil Business Today

No breathing room for accountants, says ASIC – IFA

IPA calls for tax cut for small business - Money Management

SMSF license uptake flags – Australian Financial Review

Accountants baulk at selling SMSF advice – Australian Financial Review

Tax evasion – SBS TV News & SBS Radio

Differential tax rates for small business not a bad thing – Noodls India

Differential tax rates for small business not a bad thing – IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

Accountants shun SMSF licence – Australian Financial Review

Accountants 'sold a solution' with limited licence – SMSF Adviser


March 2016

Law set to mitigate 'severe business risk' scrapped – SMSF Adviser

Education reform essential to combat skill shortage: IPA – Money Management

Governments must address skills shortages – IPA – Business Acumen Magazine

How to spot a rogue accountant – Smart Company

Don't rely on ASIC's leniency, accounting body warns – SMSF Adviser

Vision for tax system crucial to future – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

IPA urgently calls for SME loan guarantee scheme – Business Acumen Magazine

Building an innovation system – Business Acumen Magazine

Public VC fund needed for innovation: IPA – Money Management

Growing pains: moving from an industry to a profession – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

IPA National Congress – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine


February 2016

They said it – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine


'Swiss cheese': Canberra plans to plug tax deduction holes – BusinessTimes.com.au, Sydney Morning herald, WA Today, The Age, The Age Business (online) & Brisbane times

IPA calls for venture capital to boost Australia’s entrepreneurialism – Business Acumen Magazine

Public VC fund needed for innovation: IPA –FST Media & Money Management

Building an innovation system – Business Acumen Magazine

Scrapping tax deductions would hit small business – MyBusiness

IPA urges government to stand firm on caps – SMSF Adviser

IPA warns deductions at risk – Accountants Daily

Long-term pain if super contributions reduced – Money Management

ATO soothes accountants over major IT changes – ITNews

IPA pre-Budget submission – Business Acumen Magazine

IPA announces partnership with IODM – Money Management

Taxpayers beware: deduction rights at stake – Noodls Australia

Government response raises opportunity for ethical investment – Noodls Australia

IPA applauds small business ombudsman appointment – Noodls Australia

Taxpayers beware: deduction rights at stake – Business Acumen Magazine

Economics Committee to hold Tax Deductibility Roundtable – Business Acumen Magazine


January 2016

Sterling Publishing boosts portfolio with acquisition of My Business assets – Mumbrella

The angel and devil scenario of ethical investing – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

Exporting for growth – Selfmanagedsuper Magazine

IPA CEO appointed chair of PAODC –Accountants Daily


IPA CEO to chair PAODC – Business Acumen Magazine