What is a Skilled Employment Assessment?

If you've worked in a professionally qualified accounting role for at least 12 months, you may be eligible to claim additional points for your Skilled Migration Visa application.

We can assess your employment history and determine if the experience is relevant to the selected ANZSCO occupation, and at a level expected from Australian employers.


You must have a successful qualifications assessment outcome from us before you can apply for a Skilled Employment assessment. 

We will only recognise employment that:

  • is closely related to the ANZSCO occupation for which you have received a successful skills assessment outcome
  • was undertaken within the last ten years
  • was undertaken after you have completed a formal qualification (or combination of qualifications) that's recognised as at least equivalent to an Australian bachelor degree level
  • was paid and continuous for a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • was a minimum of one year of employment in total, for at least three months per role

How to Apply

The application process described below is for the assessment of your skilled employment for migration purposes under the following ANZSCO occupations:

  1. Accountant (General)           ANZSCO Code 221111
  2. External Auditor                   ANZSCO Code 221213
  3. Management Accountant     ANZSCO Code 221112
  4. Taxation Accountant            ANZSCO Code 221113
  5. Finance Manager                 ANZSCO Code 132211

Simply click here to apply online.

The Skilled Employment assessment is based on information, references and other supporting evidence provided with your initial application.

To prevent against fraud and document manipulation, we will not accept further information or altered references at any time after you have lodged the initial application, or once you have been provided with an outcome. 

Please note that we do not reassess or review skilled employment outcomes after the decision has been made.