Complaints About an IPA Member

As a professional accounting membership body, we require our members to conduct themselves professionally and ethically in accordance with our Constitution and By-laws.

Members in their professional capacity represent not only themselves but also the IPA and the accounting profession as a whole.

Making a Complaint

We have an investigations and disciplinary process to accept written complaints against IPA members. As a condition of membership all our members are subject to this process and must provide information as requested by the IPA Group during this process.

We can only investigate matters that fall within our jurisdiction and involve breaches of the IPA Constitution, By-laws and relevant professional and ethical standards.

The IPA may discipline members who breach the relevant standards of the IPA however this is limited to membership related sanctions. We cannot act on behalf of a complainant to order payment of compensation or seek restitution on their behalf, nor compel the member to produce documents or provide any particular service to a client.

If you wish to lodge a complaint against an IPA member, please complete the Member Complaint Form.

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Member Obligations

When the IPA receives a complaint about a member, the IPA, as a professional association, is required to investigate and where necessary take disciplinary action. This enforcement is a key component of maintaining the professional and ethical standards we should all aspire to.

Your obligations as a member when a complaint is made against you:

  1. Firstly, cooperating with the investigation process, will make it an easier process for you. This includes responding to IPA correspondence within the prescribed deadlines.
  2. Ensure you provide a written response to the complaint as required by the Investigations Officer. This is essential; otherwise, you may be in breach of clause 98(2)(h) of the IPA Constitution which could result in referral to the IPA Disciplinary Tribunal which may impose a penalty. Administrative action may also be taken under IPA Pronouncement 12: Administration of Member Compliance if you do not comply with a request or directive.
  3. If you require further time to provide a response, ask for an extension in writing including detailed reasons for the request and the expected response time.
  4. The written response to the complaint should include a detailed explanation addressing the key allegations raised by the complainant together with any supporting documentation (eg. copies of correspondence such as letters and emails) and any information you may consider relevant for the IPA’s consideration of the matter. A written response is required even if the member believes the complaint has no merit.
  5. Be informed about the IPA’s complaints and investigations process (refer to the information listed on this page and in the IPA Constitution and By-laws in particular Chapter 7). This information will help guide you when compiling your written response.
  6. Always be courteous and respectful. IPA staff handling complaints have a job to do. In addition, the professional and ethical standards require professional conduct at all times. Failure to meet this standard may be taken into consideration during the disciplinary process.
  7. You should consider notifying your professional indemnity insurer.

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IPA Rules and Standards

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