Australian Small Business White Paper Summit

The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) has been joined by a number of leaders and key stakeholders at a special roundtable discussion of major issues facing Australia’s small business sector.

The IPA’s first Australian Small Business White Paper Summit held today in Parliament House in Canberra, was designed to provide a credible and influential voice on key policy matters impacting small business.

“We have brought to the table, substantial research, practitioner insights and industry views to formulate the first industry-led Small Business White Paper,” said IPA chief executive officer, Andrew Conway.

“I am very grateful to today’s participants who echoed our passion for small business, with genuine debate on a broad range of key issues.

“However, this is just the starting point; the commitment made today is to facilitate ongoing discourse to ensure when small business speaks, it does so with the support of industry, evidence based research and on a platform that aims to boost productivity of our nation’s small businesses.

“The importance of small business growth as a driver of Australia’s productivity is growing rapidly and we must do what is in our power to develop economic policy that charts a sustainable future for small business,” said Mr Conway.

The Australian Small Business White Paper Summit covered six key areas of focus:

1.    Australia’s small businesses are appropriately regulated; providing a safety net without stifling entrepreneurship

2.    Australia’s small businesses operate on a level playing field

3.    Links to our regional trading partners are facilitated to open export markets for small business

4.    Australia’s small businesses have access to responsible finance

5.    Australia’s small businesses are encouraged to innovate

6.    Australia’s taxation system serves to encourage small business growth rather than stifle it