12 March 2019

The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), in partnership with publishing and media firm, Momentum Connect, has transformed its digital hub into a world class, multijurisdictional content platform.

In 2015, the IPA acquired its UK based peer, the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), creating the IPA Group which has become the largest SME focused accountancy organisation in the world.

In doing so the organisation vowed to introduce a raft of new communication mediums to engage with its members and prospective members, and the new digital platform forms a part of that pledge.

“We wanted a modular digital content platform that can stand the test of time, delivering a vast content range while enhancing user engagement,” says the IPA Group’s chief executive officer, Andrew Conway.

“The new site will deliver features from the IPA and IFA print magazines, local content and shared global content, on the basis of where a person is geographically located.

“When making content-related decisions, we will consider the needs and interests of our audiences. Our research shows that this goes beyond the day-to-day accounting profession.

“For example, we will put a special emphasis on articles exploring health and wellbeing, which we have previously recognised as a top priority for our readers in the small business community,” says Mr Conway.

Momentum Connect director, Phillip Tarrant, said that the new platform is fresh, exciting and in tune with the latest technological developments.

“The news industry is constantly evolving and we are following the trends. When it comes to content that is both engaging and interactive, you cannot ignore the digital space,” says Mr Tarrant.

“While the initial focus of the new platform is on Australia and the UK, we have designed and constructed it to grow with the addition of other jurisdictions that the IPA Group may expand to in the future.

“Besides keeping members and prospective members up to date on the latest news from the accounting industry, it will also offer engaging weekly blogs, features and a monthly podcast with industry professionals,” Mr Tarrant adds.

Go to www.publicaccountant.com.au