IPA 001 / MAA 769 - Ethics for Financial Services

This unit provides a theoretical and practical understanding of ethics, corporate governance, corporate culture and whistleblowing for accounting practice. We focus particularly on the theoretical frameworks, ethical decision-making models, the latest applicable Code of Ethics, regulatory requirements, the role of corporate culture and corporate governance to support ethical decision making and behaviour.

Unit Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of ethical theories, principles and decision-making models in arriving at responsible and ethical judgements in financial planning and accounting scenarios.
  • Evaluate and respond in writing to stakeholder interests.
  • Justify ethical decisions according to relevant national and international professional standards and codes of ethics.
  • Evaluate the role of code monitoring bodies in monitoring and enforcing adviser compliance with codes of ethical conduct.
  • Assess corporate governance practices in line with regulations and best practice and make recommendations for improvements.
Topic outlines

Module 1: Ethics – An introduction

  • Ethics - an introduction
  • The moral agent, moral reasoning, and stakeholders

Module 2: Normative theories

  • Normative theories of ethics
  • Ethical decision-making models

Module 3: Codes of ethics

  • Legislation and the code and FASEA values and Standards
  • Accounting Profession Code of Ethics APES 110
  • Key enforcement bodies and compliance

Module 4: Professionalism

  • Ethics and organisational culture
  • Corporate governance
  • The ethics of whistleblowing
Unit Mode
  • Online (cloud)
  • All materials are available on the CloudDeakin unit site. Students will be required to access the Unit Site for reading and preparation work.
  • In addition to the online scheduled learning activities, this intensive unit requires students to attend four consecutive afternoons of intensive classes, held via Zoom.
  • Trimester 1 Dates: Tuesday 3 May 2022 to Friday 6 (inclusive) May 2022 from 13:00 to 17:00
  • Assessment 1 20% : (Individual) Online multiple choice test
  • Assessment 2 50% : (Group of 4 student) Case Study report and presentation which will be conducted during the intensive workshops
  • Assessment 3 30% : (Individual) Business report