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The RG146 Advice in Real Estate course has been specially developed for real estate agents and property investment consultants, qualifying you to legally offer general advice in line with ASIC protocols.

To read more about what ASIC classifies as general advice, please click here.

The property investment adviser has limitations as to what products they're able to provide as mandated under ASIC's Regulatory Guide 146, and this course ensures that you're operating legally within their regulatory requirements.  Should you wish to undertake further study, it will also adequately prepare you for a career in property investment advice.

Delivered by Mentor Education, and run in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants, the RG146 Advice in Real Estate course is the premium academic pathway that will enable you to provide general advice compliant with ASIC's regulatory requirements, ensuring quality, growth and sustainability.

This course will allow property investment advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants, real estate agents and property developers to discuss the general drivers and considerations associated with a property investment decision.

Upon completion of RG146 Advice in Real Estate course, you'll have satisfactorily fulfilled ASIC’s RG146 requirements and will be able to offer general advice on financial products and services.  This will also allow you to provide factual advice on what the products are and what they do, for example:

  • Loans
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • General insurance
  • SMSFs
  • Superannuation
  • Managed property investments
  • Securities
  • Derivatives

During your discussion with clients, should they mention any of the above areas, it's important that you advise that they seek guidance from an appropriately qualified professional, such as a Financial Planner, Life insurance adviser, investment adviser, superannuation/SMSF adviser, Loans adviser, and so on.

This advice can be legally presented to your clients in the form of seminars, home presentations and meetings.

Your choice of study options
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How long does this course take?
The RG146 Advice in Real Estate course consists of approximately 20 hours of study, which is completed online.

Who Should Enrol?
The RG146 Advice in Real Estate course is designed for a range of industry professionals including accountants, mortgage brokers, property investors, and real estate agents who wish to be able to legally give advice within the realms of property investment.

If you're looking to find a position within the investment property industry, or are currently employed in the sector, this course is the ideal starting point to allow you to embark on a career in this sector.  The course is a great model for ‘on the ground’ customer support staff who need to be knowledgeable enough to answer industry questions and queries from customers.

You should enrol if:

  • You are currently employed in the property investment arena, and need to satisfy current ASIC guidelines and regulations.
  • You are wishing to enter or re-enter the property investment advice sector, and as a requirement you need to have completed an accredited RG146 qualification to enable you to be able to legally offer advice to your clients.
  • You are looking to enhance your knowledge and build on your current financial services skills.

Can I gain benefit from this course if I already have experience as a property investment adviser?

Yes. Absolutely! The RG146 Advice in Real Estate course will not only ensure that you have an RG146 compliancy, but it will also guarantee that that you're fully aware of the laws that govern you as a property adviser.

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