Winning Government Business - ON-DEMAND

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Winning Government Business - ON-DEMAND

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Date recorded: March 2022

$54 billion, give or take.  This figure is the procurement spend that the Federal Government awarded across 81,000 contracts to SMEs in FY 2020.

But (and there’s always a but, right?), most SMEs don’t understand what Government looks for in its partners and suppliers.  Most SMEs don’t understand the many benefits and incentives available to them when bidding for Government business.  Most SMEs consider Government business a mountain too high to climb and too difficult to navigate.

However, there has simply never been a better time than now for SMEs to target and win Government business.  Yes, it takes some time.  Yes, it takes some effort.  Yes, it takes determination.  However, even a small $50,000 Government contract can mean the difference between an average and a great year for a small business.  Small Business can compete on a significantly more level playing field against Big Business, when bidding for Government business. 

If you’re part of the SME community, or you have SME customers looking to strengthen and diversify into the biggest market available, this event is must-see.


  • Building SME capability with Gov Ready’s Government Readiness Framework
  • Ensuring SMEs receive all of the incentives available when bidding for Government Business
  • Non-conforming tenders – ensuring your submissions are compliant
  • Partnerships are vital – what are collaborative bids and how to bring them to life
  • What not-to-do when bidding for Government business

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Building Government capability and understanding what Government wants in its partners are key outcomes and essential to winning Government business.

Recommended For

SME accountants, advisors and financial consultants will benefit by understanding what Government is looking for in it’s partners, and being able to advise their customers accordingly.

Meet Your Presenter: Thomas Pollock, Managing Director - Gov Ready

Thomas Pollock is the author of the book: Winning Government Business – the 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes for SMEs.  With 20 years’ experience of winning Government contracts as a small business, Thomas is widely considered an authority on helping SMEs to navigate the sometimes confusing and often-changing waters of Government tenders, grants, contracts, and Business as Usual.  Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Gov Ready, a niche SME consultancy firm which exists to help SMEs build capability and open Government revenue streams


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