Fast Track process

Our unique Fast Track service provides a guaranteed response of your qualification assessment within two business days of receiving your application.

Who can apply

Fast Track can be used if you've completed - 

  • a 12 unit Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) studied at an Australian university, after an underpinning undergraduate degree
  • an undergraduate degree studied at an Australian university
  • all 16 units of an MPA degree, studied at an Australian university

When overseas qualifications are to be relied upon either fully or in part for an assessment, you must provide full details. Due to possible complexities in assessing your overseas qualifications, the Fast Track service is not normally an option in such cases.

If you have studied an Australian degree, but currently live overseas, you can still take advantage of the Fast Track option. 


The current price of a fast track application is $660 (including GST) for applicants based in Australia, or $600 for applicants currently based outside Australia.

Important note for Pearson PTE holders

If you're applying for a Fast Track service, and you're submitting your Pearson PTE English results, please authorise the IPA to receive your PTE results in advance of you submitting your application to us.

Verification by Pearson can take up to three business days to reach us once you have authorised the report. Therefore, we cannot provide you with your outcome letter until verification is received by us.

How to send your scores to us

  1. Login to your Pearson account.
  2. Click 'Send Scores'.
  3. Type Institute of Public Accountants in the field marked 'Institution / Organization / Department / School' and click 'Search'.
  4. Tick the box next to the Institute of Public Accountants name when it appears in the list.
  5. Review your details then scroll down the page and click 'Next' and then 'Next' again to confirm.

Important Information

  • Please note that we don't offer a fast track service for skilled employment assessment applications.
  • The Fast Track service is a rapid response assessment service, and does not guarantee a successful outcome. We are obliged to apply the same standards to all assessments.
  • You can seek a reassesment on your Fast Track. The normal reassessment fee applies.
  • If you have mislaid your original outcome letter, we offer a replacement at a fee of $90 AUD.  Click here to request your replacement letter.