The Sustainability Discussion Group is about helping our members grow, be better in their professional world and gain insights and knowledge which will set them up for the challenges of the current decade and beyond. There will be a focus on sustainable practices, the environment, and the accounting and business adaption and change, along with legislative updates which may occur.

  • What is occurring in this space,
  • How the accounting profession can help influence change
  • Take advantage for themselves and others
  • Be at the focus of business improvements
  • Be aware of what IPA, IFAC and other professional bodies are doing

The purpose is to share ideas and knowledge; there is no geographical constraint by being a virtual discussion group and is open to all IPA members. As a specific topic-focused group, we will also have the opportunity to bring our ideas together and perhaps enact change for ourselves, for business, and even our fellow members.

Sustainability Discussion Group
Date 3rd Monday of every Month
Time 6:00pm
Location Online
Cost Free

Linda Brander FIPA FFA
[email protected]