Become a Limited PPC or PPC holder

Process for new IPA members

Before applying for a Limited-PPC or a PPC you must first apply to join the IPA as a Member which can be done at the same time that you are applying for a Limited-PPC or a PPC. 

1. Obtain professional indemnity (PI) Insurance

If you don't currently have PI Insurance for your practice, you must obtain PI insurance, which must meet the IPA's requirements before you apply for a Limited-PPC or a PPC.

The IPA's preferred insurer is IPA Insure, through this partnership, we're able to offer you competitively priced premiums and a host of other Member benefits.

You can request a quote by contacting the IPA's in-house representative on 1300 413 143 or [email protected].

2. Fill in the application form for a Limited-PPC or this form for a PPC and email it to the IPA office in your state.

Please ensure that you also enclose the following with your application form:

  • a formal Certificate of Currency and Schedule for your PI Insurance, meeting the requirements;
  • evidence showing successful completion of Australian Taxation Law and Australian Corporations Law in the last 10 years if you do not hold a statutory registration;
  • evidence of eligible statutory registration as an individual such as a tax agent registration or an SMSF Auditor registration under your name, if any; and
  • evidence of contemporary experience in a professional practice or other relevant environment:
    • 12 months if you hold an eligible statutory registration or if you are a MIPA/FIPA; OR
    • 24 months if you are an AIPA member with no eligible statutory registration.

Please note: You must supply your credit card details in the PPC application form for payment of your pro rata PPC fee and a PSC levy.

To view PPC fees, click here.

3. Attend the Professional Practice Program or the Mini Professional Practice Program within six months of becoming a PPC holder.

As a PPC holder, you also must:

  • Undergo an IPA review of your practice every six years, as part of the IPA Quality Review Program (QRP) and
  • Maintain professional indemnity insurance that complies with IPA requirements;
  • Advise the IPA should I become bankrupt, be charged with any criminal offence or be the subject of an adverse finding by any professional or regulatory body; 
  • Advise the IPA should there be any business sale, merger, liquidation or litigation; and 
  • Comply with the requirements of the IPA Professional Standards Scheme under professional standards legislation.

As a Limited PPC Holder, you also must:

  • Undergo an IPA review of your practice every six years, as part of the IPA Quality Review Program (QRP);
  • Ensure your practice annual turnover does not exceed the tax-free threshold, currently $18,200, and
  • Not hold a statutory registration with ASIC, the TPB or any other government body.

For further information on the PPC or application process, please contact your local IPA team member on 1800 625 625.