Our Leadership Teams

The IPA is managed by a globally experienced and committed team. The Senior Leadership team makes decisions involving our day-to-day operation, and is chaired by the Chief Executive, Andrew Conway. The team implement initiatives, programs and policies arising from our Board's decisions to ensure we deliver a wide range of effective services to our members.

Through our extensive network of stakeholders in industry and government, the Board and the Senior Leadership team continue to influence the direction of accounting and financial services, both in the local and international marketplace. 

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Andrew Conway FIPA FFA

Chief Executive Officer

A former Australian Government Treasury Ministry Chief of Staff, Andrew holds the record of being the youngest CEO of a public entity, appointed at just 28 years of age in 2009.  Andrew represents Australia at a range of international events including APEC, G20 and World Trade Organisation summits.  Andrew's academic background and qualifications are in commerce, education and commercial law.

In 2001 Andrew was awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal through the Order of Australia.  Andrew was also awarded the 2011 Young Professional of the Year award and was appointed an adjunct Professor of Accounting at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.  Andrew is a current Director of Eastern Health.

In November 2014, Andrew was announced as one of the AFR Boss Magazine's Young Executives of the Year.  The award process was an intensive one - Andrew underwent a thorough nomination process including forms, panel interview and a comprehensive leadership simulation, which gave him the chance to have his approach to life and career a‎ssessed externally and use it as a development opportunity.  This award cements Andrew's position as one of Australia's leading and most promising CEOs.

Brett Maloney FIPA FFA
Chief Financial Officer

Brett, a Fellow of the IPA , holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and has held senior finance roles both in Australia and in the UK. Prior to joining the IPA , Brett has previously worked for ASX listed and private companies with commercial experience across the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Services sectors.

Brett leads the IPA teams responsible for Finance, Corporate Services, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, IT and Corporate Policy. Brett is committed to raising the profile of the IPA, whilst maximising the value provided to all members.

Michael Linke
Executive General Manager, Member Services

Michael is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the IPA's migration assessment and education units, focusing on the IPA's flagship academic offering, the IPA Program.  A critical focus of Michael's work is to enhance IPA recognition and awareness across the finance and accounting profession and academic arena, together with managing relationships with government departments, including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Department of Education and Training.  Michael represents the IPA on a number of Australian Government immigration forums, and also serves on the educational and training Boards of Open Colleges and Mentor Education.

Michael joined the IPA in 2012, having relocated back to Australia after spending twelve years working overseas in senior positions in London and New York for organisations including Deloitte, the investment bank J.P. Morgan and The Washington Post's educational arm, Kaplan. Michael has focused his career on various disciplines of marketing and postgraduate educational development. Michael's academic qualifications are in Marketing, Law and Commerce, and he is a Fellow of the UK's Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Lloyd Driscoll
Director, Strategic Alliances

Lloyd joined the Institute of Public Accountants in September 2005, where he led the area of Member Knowledge, responsible for the effective delivery of high quality training and development to the IPA member base. Lloyd's current role as Director of Strategic Alliances sees him develop and strategically manage relationships with a number of organisations and forums, both in Australia and overseas, further extending the IPA's reach into new markets and territories.

Lloyd holds an MBA from Monash University and an undergraduate degree in accounting. 

Lloyd's experience in Australia and overseas includes higher education teaching and leadership roles in Malaysia and the Middle East.

Catherine Cleary
Executive General Manager, Marketing & Partnerships

An experienced Marketing & Communications and Business Development professional, Catherine brings significant experience in professional services, professional association and government sectors to her role as Executive General Manager, Marketing & Partnerships.  Responsible for strategic methodology and rollout of key organisational initiatives across both the corporate and government sector, Catherine's team manages key stakeholder and partner relationships across the IPA on both a national and international basis. Catherine also leads the organisation's marketing and communications team at the IPA.

Catherine's educational background covers postgraduate qualifications in Marketing through RMIT, in addition to her Bachelor Degree in Business, Human Resources and Local Government.

Arthur Burt
Executive General Manager, Member Growth

Coordinating and managing the overall performance and strategic direction of the Australian and International divisions fall under Arthur's remit as Executive General Manager, Member Growth.

Arthur brings a wealth of management, marketing and communications knowledge gained over 14 years in Australia and in the UK. He has worked with some of the most recognised global brands in financial services. In that time, Arthur has been involved in all aspects of marketing communications, management, planning and research. His aim is to ensure the growth of the Institute of Public Accountants both in Australia and overseas with the accompanying recognition of our members. Arthur holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Spanish from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Vicki Stylianou
Executive General Manager, Advocacy & Technical

Vicki came to the IPA in June 2007 from Federal Treasury, where she worked in tax policy, financial literacy, prudential regulation and in the Office of Best Practice Regulation on secondment. Prior to this, Vicki worked as a lawyer in private practice specialising in commercial litigation both in Australia and overseas.  Vicki holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration (International Business).

At the IPA , Vicki leads the team responsible for policy and advocacy work, as well as the innovation part of the business unit, which focuses on matters of interest to small business and small to medium practices.

Judy Edsall
Executive General Manager, People and Capability

Judy has had an extensive background in teaching, teacher education, leadership development and Human Resources. She has been in the workforce for many years and has had experience in Sweden, where she held a global management role, and she has also worked in South Africa.

Judy worked with the IPA as a consultant for two years before joining the IPA in this role in January 2016. In her role, Judy develops and implements a Group Cultural Investment plan to drive and support member growth. She also focuses on understanding the key drivers that are impacting the engagement of employees, and through this analysis, identifies and prioritises action areas that will improve, monitor and sustain employee engagement.

Judy holds a Bachelor in Education and a Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration.